How Can The World Be A Projection Of One's Mind?

by Sami


Hi Adam,

Your writings and books have been excellent pointers for me to understand Life. Many thanks for that.

However, there are some explanations which I find quite difficult to grasp and adapt to. Could you be so kind and elaborate a bit on these:

Firstly - what do you mean by saying that the world is a projection of a person’s own mind? I understand that e.g. if I feel scared inside, the outer world may appear hostile to me, and so forth. But isn’t it quite much more than that, if the entire world is a projection of a person’s mind? To me that sounds as if we were simply imagining the entire world and its happenings in our heads. 

Secondly – the “law of attraction” similarly sounds to me as some kind of magical trick, where a person just creates the world outside and his/her future by dreaming of or fearing something? 

Most of your explanations and writings are very straight-forward and I resonate with those easily, but these two above concepts (sorry, not the best word here) appear quite blurry to me.

Thank you very much, all the best.




Firstly I’d say if something you read here doesn’t resonate with you, then you can safely ignore it. The first point you mentioned, I don’t even really remember writing about.

But to attempt to explain it, to make it more experiential - is it true that you exist as something inside your body, and then everything else outside the body is distinctly separate? This is how it can appear, how we are educated, but is it true? Where do you end and where does the “other thing” begin. Is there something called a mind which is separate from something else? Where is the line of distinction?

In a dream, the dream can feel real, as if you are in a world with many different things separate from you going on. When you wake up, it is then clear it was all going on in your mind.

“Mind” can be a limiting word, like it is a little thing, like a brain or something. “Mind” in the truest sense, is more like creative consciousness, the universal mind.

But this point is not very important to understand. You don’t have to believe or disbelieve it. Believing or disbelieving it will just add another concept to your life, which you probably don’t need. 

It is more like an insight that may become clear by itself, or not.

2. Sometimes I mention the law of attraction because someone’s question may be hinting at it, or they may be trying to match up the law of attraction with the material on this website. It follows on from the world not being separate from consciousness, that the world is an expression or reflection of consciousness. But as I mentioned recently, I’m not sure how much of a 100% guaranteed ‘law’ it is in the way it is sometimes presented. But I do feel that when someone feels things like gratitude, appreciation, abundance, freedom, lightness - then these things influence their life’s expression for the better.

I'm glad the books and writings have been helpful for you. After reading your question over again, give yourself a moment to not understand life, to not know anything. Everything else, as you correctly put, is a bunch of concepts. Words can not help but create more noise if they are held as the truth of anything. All these words do is point to their formless source.

Thank you for getting in touch, hope the answer is useful,



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Jan 07, 2016
Projection or interplay? NEW
by: Sami

Hi Adam, 

Thank you for your reply and explanations. I have been reading quite a few sites, blogs etc. in this field, and your way of communicating with direct, straight-forward comments without any kind of self-important proclamation is very enjoyable. 

I have a couple of comments and questions to your reply and the topics discussed, I hope you could answer these as well. And yes, I have fully internalized the fact that words cannot represent reality – I am reading your texts (and everybody else’s) with an adequate "filter" :) 

1. Projections: It might be that I am reading some parts of your texts to literally, but as to your comment, this is the text that I was referring to originally (quote from your book "Inner Peace Now") – "Since the world is a projection of your mind, use it to see what is still negative in you, what you still react to, what false identity you are still clinging to". I get your point that our brains have the ability to create illusory outer worlds (so to say) when we are dreaming, which we believe to be true at the time of their occurrence. However, I feel and believe that the real world is "more real" than the dream landscapes. I understand from physics that from an objective point of view, there are no such things as e.g. colors and sounds existing without an observer (such as a human being), but instead there are waves in the electromagnetic field and waves in air or other medium (which our brains turn into the respective color/sound phenomenon). But even so, I feel it to be more correct to say that the world is an interplay between the brain and the outer world (rather than to say that the outer world is a projection of the person’s mind). I know – "interplay" sounds like there are two distinctly separate things, (a) the brain on one hand and (b) the rest of the universe on the other, which is not correct when everything is united, but I cannot find a better word for it. I would be happy to hear your comments to this point of view, i.e. projection vs. interplay.  

Speaking of dreams, if awareness is eternal and thus cannot cease to exist, doesn’t that mean that during our phases of deep sleep (with no dreaming), awareness is still there? Is it correct in your view to assume that even during deep sleep the awareness is equally alive as during any other time, but because of our brain structure we just do not remember anything when we wake up? And if so, is this an analogue to not remembering (presumed) past lives? 

2. Law of attraction: Ok, the way I read your comment, you do not take the LOA as literally as some other writers do. To be blunt, I find the LOA quite naive, especially when pushed to the limits (e.g. dreaming of and strongly wishing for an object will eventually bring you this object, and so on). Actually, I resonate with a way of living that is almost the opposite of LOA, and which I have interpreted to be a part of e.g. zen and tao teachings. That is, to let go of always wanting something to happen and wishing for things to turn out a specific way. As a simple example, I have in the past (due to low self-esteem, quite apparently) tried my best to present myself in a way that pleases other people, wishing to be liked more. Needless to say that this did not work out well – it is better to let go of wishing to be liked and just be (with decent manners, of course). Any thoughts here? 

Thank you once again. 


Jan 11, 2016
Sami NEW
by: Adam -

Ok, so I don't have much to say in response. I don't know about your first point, I just don't have anything to add. The deep sleep point is easier to grasp if we do not call it awareness. Something nameless and without form is there in deep sleep, but it is not personal. I don't know about past lives. And with your third point, letting go can fit in with the law of attraction teachings, because you become more fearless, lighter, freer, and are more open to infinite intelligence to just move through you. Just go with whatever resonates for you. 

All the best,