How Do You Know It's Intuition?


Hello there,

I've always wondered this. Sometimes I hear people say follow your gut as it wont let you down. 

But how do you know it's your intuition? What exactly is intuition? What exactly does it feel like? Can't intuition get it wrong as well?

Thanks for your website, it's very helpful.

So much gratitude for any response given.



Hi Casey

I don't know exactly what intuition is. It is like the intelligence of the universe, guiding each body. But often intuition can not make logical sense, or does not have reasoning backing it up so it can be ignored or explained away as nonsense.

You can usually tell it is intuition because it just feels good. It doesn't feel like work to act on it, the action is somehow supported by the whole, rather than having a sense of struggle to it. Perhaps "feels good" is not right either. It just feels like it is already there, a decision or incline pre-made, not figured out or deliberated.

We usually get taught to make decisions with our heads, based on fear, to avoid something going wrong. Intuition is not like that, it is just the highest form of intelligence, which doesn't rely on what the personal mind thinks would be best.

Intuition can come out more fully when you realise that you don't actually know anything for sure. All of your human understanding, like all human understanding, is very limited in the scale of the universe.

I wouldn''t say intuition can be wrong. But it can be a process to become familiar with it again. Don't be harsh on yourself if you think you have overlooked or ignored your intuition. Again, can you know this for certain, that some blunder was not actually supposed to happen?

So to try to answer your question, intuition is more a feeling that arrives by itself, in the body. You have to be in touch with your body to some degree, it seems. If all the attention is just in the head the intelligence of the whole is cut off, since you are only focussed on past learning what others have told you, what you think the world is, etc. Intuition is so intelligent that it does not need or rely on past knowledge. Past knowledge may be used in the process of something e.g. fixing a car, but intuition can guide the entire process much more easily than struggling to work it out by yourself. It requires a let-go of control, which is easier when you see that the personal mind can not control things very well anyway. It tries, and it worries, but it just suffers.

Intuition is just there. It is not a personal creation. It emerges by itself, particularly when the mind content is empty, or not taking up so much attention.

Does that help?


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