How To Achieve Goals With Presence?

Achieving Goals With Presence


Hello, after reading The Power Of Now I have been indulging in spirituality with a daily meditation practice, and reading many more books on inner peace. My question is how do I go about still reaching my personal goals, such as financial freedom through building a business, improving at sports, improving my relationships etc. while also remaining present and observing the mind?

Essentially, can I strive for "success" in the world of form and be "enlightened" too? Thank you for your incredible blog, I wish you happiness and peace.



Hi Charlie, thanks for your question. It’s a good one.

In a word, I would say yes. Maybe “strive for” could be replaced with “create”.

Let’s take an example. You are here, present, alert. You have a desire to be financial free through your business. Being financially free feels good, having a successful business that brings good to other people also feels good. Great, so now what? You would probably get on and do something if there was something to do.

Being present” has nothing to do with limiting yourself to the confines of your mind’s interpretation of your life.

For example, the thought “I’m not financially free yet” is a thought, one that might make you feel a bit low or disheartened. If you are present, you aren’t confined to these mental interpretations. Deeper creative desires might arise that give you feelings as if they are already the truth of reality.

If you are not resisting the moment you don’t feel so tied to undesirable circumstances, financial or otherwise. Your valuable attention goes back to its source, which is also the source of all creativity.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be financially free. Without any resistance, it means you are less likely to block its manifestation. The desire is in you already, you don’t have to manufacture it. From there you can feel how it feels to have a successful business, all while doing whatever you need to do in the world.

In fact, not being so conscious could lead to much more negativity, resistance and necessary complications from the mind.

Desires are quite natural. If you are hungry, you would want food to eat rather than the dirt from which it came. If you are building a business, you can enjoy its success before it's “technically” even happened, by paying attention to its fruition on an inner level which rises out into the world.

Does that make sense?

If you’d like we can continue this further, just leave me any feedback or question in the comments below.

Thanks for your question, and I wish you all the best,


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