How To Be Happy - Resistance Is What Hurts

What hurts is the resistance. If you had a thought of something bad, what makes it seem offensive or disturbing is the fact that another energy inside contracts and tries to push back against it. If you are experiencing thoughts you don’t like, what makes it feel bad is the resistance to them, calling the thoughts bad, believing that they should not be there.

When you constrict and resist, you become a little dense ball that suffers thinking and emotions. If this resistance is no longer upheld, because it collapses or is seen as futile, then once again you are a victimless space.

But this habit of resistance is so deeply engrained and habitual, that it might go unnoticed, or it might return many times just as a reflex. But whatever you do not like in your own experience, fighting against it keeps you engaged, interested and attached to it. So how could it ever leave?

You don’t have to try to let go. Just notice if you are holding on.

Then it will come down to whether this holding on or this resistance is serving you or not. Is it serving you, what do you think it might be helping with?

This might be an uncomfortable question, one that makes your resistance squirm. But that will feel bad, only if you resist it…