Dealing With Criticism

How To Deal With Criticism

Whatever you do or do not do,
praise and criticism are likely.
It is extremely rare that anyone does anything,
and there are only people that like it.

Don’t act, then someone may criticise,
saying you were scared or too lazy.
Do act, then someone else may pipe up,
saying you were reckless or crazy.

Criticism is for work or action,
it is not actually about you.
And criticism can be extremely helpful,
if the advice is useful and true.

We are taught to avoid criticism,
that it is bad and praise is the aim,
so we hunt for the praise and avoid the critique
because we have linked it to pain.

But critique from the wise develops your craft,
if it's useless it means nothing at all.
Don’t try to avoid the unavoidable,
and you will rise up rather than fall.

Praise and criticism are both unavoidable,
they are there wherever you turn.
Don't try to avoid what can’t be escaped,
let yourself develop and learn.

- Adam Oakley


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