How To Deal With Hatred

If you find yourself experiencing hatred for something or someone, you can deal with hatred in different ways...

1. Let Yourself Hate

If you hate the fact that you are hating - then hatred sticks inside and festers. If hatred is "bad", "wrong", "unspiritual", "unkind", then it is condemned and it hardens up inside.

If you actually let yourself feel however you feel, space around the thoughts and emotions are created, and the energy can more easily be released.

2. You are not the hatred

It is an energy that comes and goes. It hates to be touched and poked or challenged and it secretly loves to be aggravated and to have its energy increased. There is a self attached which feels bigger and stronger and more important when it hates things, and the hatred makes the self feel superior in relation to everything else.

The hatred and the voice of hatred appears in you. If it can be heard, if it is experienced, then is it who you are?

3. Does It Help?

We can think that the active resistance towards anything helps to dissolve it or keep it at bay. Actually the resistance tends to strengthen it. If you are allowing the hatred, not taking it to be who you are, not judging it - then notice or look at how it is influencing your life. Is it helping anything? Does it help mould things into the way that you want them to be? Probably not. When futility is noticed, the related behaviour tends to weaken by itself, because we are no longer unconsciously believing that it is helpful.

After hearing from people who were experiencing hatred towards their own families, I recorded this...


I hope that can help. Here is a short poem on hatred that I shared on Instagram...