How To Deal With Tinnitus And Meditate?

by Anup Adhikari
(Sikkim, India)


Hi Adam, I suffer from tinnitus which I caught last year only. It's a constant buzzing in the ears, which becomes intolerable if there is no background sound or if the person isn't engrossed in something. It becomes intolerable especially while sleeping at night and in silence. I have undergone medication for it but that didn't help much. I later realized that more than medication, working on my spiritual growth would help me, for the reaction to the tinnitus is what actually torments rather than the ailment itself. People have been able to live with it. What really happens is that the buzzing gives rise to anxious thoughts, which in turn makes the tinnitus seem more intense creating a vicious circle.

By the way, I had planned also to ask another question separately but since it's a very short one, I am including it here itself. I am meditating in the morning these days but I don't know what instructions to follow, what to do at all.

Any suggestions on both would be very much appreciated. Thanks.


Hi Anup,

So the first question was how to deal or cope with the tinnitus? I have little experience of it, what causes it and how it can be healed, but in the moment that it is there, there is nothing that can be done about it already being there. Other than perhaps researching natural remedies and solutions, you seem to be on the right track with dealing with it. There may be reflex frustration and anger and resistance, but as you say, these just seem to make things more acute. So completely giving up the battle with it will take away the suffering. Being aware of any victim story, and for a moment no longer giving belief to the story can help. Letting the condition be as it is, without turning it into an enemy.

There is not only the noise in the ears. There is space, infinite space around the noise if the noise is no longer focused on as something to fight against.

So the condition may not be around forever. You may find a solution. It may relieve itself, I don’t know. But to relieve any present suffering, give in to it and accept it as part of the moment. Everything else seems to be futile.

As far as meditation goes, it depends on the person and how “far along” they might be. Really just sitting there is good enough. Quiet time with no external activity. Ego-consciousness can quickly take meditation and turn it into its own little thing, with an aim and a method and a progression and success and failure. Rest in yourself, do not mind if thought comes to you or not. Be aware that you are the space, the vastness which already allows the mind to be as it is. Don’t worry about achieving anything for yourself in that time. Be the effortless silence amidst the noise. And don’t take it too seriously.

Meditation is not a doing. It is being. And luckily, you don't have to make any effort to just be. You already are.

Also if tinnitus feels too unbearable, there's nothing wrong with gentle music or sounds in the background.



Comments for How To Deal With Tinnitus And Meditate?

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Jun 16, 2016
Acceptance without resistance. 
by: Jit Biswa

Most of your guidance says to leave as they are without resistance and acceptance. But how to accept the things as they are. There are similar situations like Mr.Adhikari's, in my life too. 
But how to accept things without resistance.

Jun 21, 2016
Tinnitus remedy 
by: Kim

Hi. I have had a great deal of tinnitus with my ears ringing also and found a wonderful homeopathic natural remedy from the company Herbasante. The longer you use it the longer the tinnitus stays away. Hope you are feeling better soon (I got it at a health food store).

Jun 21, 2016
by: Adam -

Thanks for adding that Kim. 

To Jit, there's no method to it. Rather than something to do, it's more of an offering no resistance.