How To Forgive - Part 2

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How To Forgive The Present

How to forgive something or someone right now?  Maybe someone is acting a certain way, doing a certain thing that seems harmful, manipulative, selfish etc.  For any helpful change to occur, the best thing you can do is to instantly accept what is happening.

Acceptance puts you in a certain amount of inner freedom, inner peace and spaciousness.  You are not carrying any drama or negativity.  You instantly become aligned with life.

Then, as if by magic, your body is moved to action if it is necessary.  It may not be moved, and you may simply remain quiet.

Your reaction or words may surprise you from this place of inner acceptance.  They become very effective, yet do not carry such a heavy sense of “I, the doer”.  It is just spontaneous action of the universe happening through you.  It is non-reactive.  It is pro-active.


Seeing Through The Ego

Forgiving someone in the present moment is realising that their harmful behaviour is not who they are in truth.  Their conditioning has completely taken over, and it is if they are now sleepwalking.

If someone was sleepwalking and began to verbally abuse you, if you knew they were sleepwalking you may not even take it personally.  You certainly would be able to forgive them quite easily, since you would see that they do not know what they are doing. 

Being taken over by the ego is not much different.  The only way you can see this, however, is to not be in the cage of your own ego.  Maintain a sense of inner spaciousness, emptiness.  An awareness of silence or space even while your mind is thinking is very helpful.  An awareness of the formlessness of your own self will mean that you can recognise that in another.  If you are totally inside “the person” in your mind, you will identify with this person’s reactions to the other person.

From here, anything you do carries a sense of forgiveness, of love.  This does not mean that forceful action cannot be taken; it just means the vibration of the force is very high and pure, not messy and personal.  It will happen naturally and carry no inner negativity or inner resistance.


The Storyless Space

How to forgive is best explained by leaving the mind behind.  Go into the space in which mind arises.  In this storyless space – what is there to forgive?  Get out of the imagination of past, future and even present, and realise that this timeless space is all there ever is.

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