How To Let Go

People might be asking how to let go of the past, how to let go of the future, how to let go of emotions, how to let go of thoughts, how to let go of anger, how to let go of pain, how to let go of someone you love, or how to let go of things that you feel are holding you back.

The simple question to ask, is whether these thoughts/feelings or the habit of clinging, is actually helping you. Does thinking about the situation that makes you angry, resolve the situation? Does being unhappy improve your life? Does the constant mental noise create good things? Does holding onto someone psychologically actually bring healing to any relationship?

Does worrying about what people think of you make them think better of you?

Often any kind of stress or pain inside is not bad in itself, but remains with us when we unconsciously believe that it is there to help us, that we are benefitting from its existence, Sometimes it takes some contemplation, some feeling it out, to see whether or not it is actually doing anything good in your life. The question is: do you need it for anything?

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