How To Reach Natural State?


How can I reach my natural state? 


What is meant by the "natural state”, is just yourself, in purity. All kinds of spiritual teachings are attempting to point back to the natural state of existence, or being. It helps to not to think of it as anything, especially not as an actual state that you can enter into or out of. Natural state is natural. It is nature. What is unnatural? Who are you who could be in an unnatural state?

Are you a thing that can be separate from the natural state of existence? If you feel you are a person separate from the universe, then it will always feel as if you are cut off. If you see that it is impossible for you to be separate from the universe, then the idea of yourself as an independent entity, the identity that society gives you, will no longer feel so strong, and you may see that the ideas about yourself are just ideas. All of this takes place in the natural state, which you already are. The idea that you are something separate from it, is the illusion which causes the confusion in the first place.

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