How To Silence The Mind

Silencing The Mind

To silence the mind,
you don't have to try.
To stop the noise,
you don’t have to build walls against it.

Instead, say yes.
Say yes to the noise that already floods your head,
instead of trying to numb it.
Say yes to any limiting belief that arises,
instead of trying to push it away.

Say yes to a mind that won't shut up,
because it is only fuelled by "no".
"No" makes it stronger.
"No” either ends it straight away, or it adds to it.

“Yes” reverses resistance.
“Yes” means you aren’t looking to put a stop to noise
and so noise loses its purpose.
“Yes” means you aren’t straining to find resolution,
so noise loses its appeal.
“Yes” means you don’t have to create silence or hold on to it.
You discover it already exists,
when there is no longer a fight against the mind.

Rather than trying to hold your mind still,
let it be exactly what it is,
and discover the effortless silence beneath.

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