How To Stop Negative Thoughts And Worries


Hi Adam,

How does one stop negative thoughts and worries about the future? Thanks.


You can't really stop them, because they appear before you can decide whether you want them or not.

Rather than trying to stop them, let them come. They stick and feel bigger because there is a resistance to them, a "No" to them. Then if we hear that negative thoughts will negatively influence our lives, things become even worse, because a greater resistance is created.

We don't have to fear negativity or negative thoughts. The power is given to them through resistance, wanting them to not be there, to be different.

When you let them come in their purity, without calling them bad or negative, then you will naturally see their futility, that they don't influence things or make things better. They just come and go. If you believe them, believe they are true and try to stop them, they will feel much bigger.

Let them come, see what is the worst they can do to you. Then you are like an empty, unaffected space, and these kinds of thoughts can not stick to anything, or anyone.

Does that help?



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Feb 02, 2016
Automatic focus NEW
by: Raj


I totally understand with what you said. It does resonate with me. But, every time there is a trigger, I find myself totally focused on the issue and the "me" trying to help and resolve the issue. It is not something I chose, but happens automatically. And once I am in, my awareness and common sense flies out the window. Till next day or something 2 to 3 days later, when I realize that I made a hill out of a mole. I have been living like this for few years. It is very frustrating... and painful way to live !!! 

I know my aversion may be the glue, but that aversion arises naturally...