How To Surrender And Let Go?

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Hi Adam, 

When we feel out of alignment, when we feel up in our heads, not in our heart or do we surrender? Are there different layers of surrendering? I feel like I can't accept that I feel this out of alignment, like it should be different, that I won't be able to move from here and fear regressing in my expansion. 

What does it take? Does it take to let go of interpreting the moment? Is this the same as getting our power back?

I have been feeling out of sorts, like my attention is scattered in so many different ways. I feel unclear and stagnant. My energetic awareness is not as obvious. I am taking things that people say or do personally. Identified with my thoughts, old thought patterns coming up, and they have momentum. I know that it is because something happened in the last few weeks that had me begin to protect myself and my heart. I feel afraid, anxious, not present. 

What is the way from here? This is a learning experience, I have not felt this "out of alignment" for many months. 

Thank you. 



The first thing is to let yourself feel protective, closed, anxious or not present. You can not force yourself to feel differently. The same goes for the attention feeling stuck in the head, let that be, just for a moment.

Ultimate alignment is to be one with what the moment brings, even if it is ugly or unpleasant. Yes, this involves not interpreting the moment, and not projecting what you think would be better.

But all kinds of resistance and interpretations can still arise without you deciding them to. So let them as well. If something is really allowed to be exactly as it is, then there is no longer such an intense attention feeding it, because it is no longer so important. Often attention rushes out and seems to inflate anything that is uncomfortable, because we feel as if resistance to it will help it. But it doesn’t.

So if the attention is very “in the head”, that is ok. Without trying to reach a different experience you can still feel what it is like to have legs, to have a body, to have arms. Even with thought moving, it is ok to release the monitoring of thoughts, and feel what it is like to breathe. You don’t have to expect anything, or try to reach any particular state.

If there is a sense of struggle there, it is still ok for this to play out as well. You don’t have to call it anything, It is not you, it is just a visitor that comes and for a while pretends to be important.

We are trained to be so obsessed with content, that every thought or sensation seems to be hugely important. See how the content (the objects, thoughts, sensations, resistance) are all constantly changing and moving - there is no real happiness or stability in them. Then it is easier to feel yourself as the wider space that these things unfold in.

That would be enough to start, and to finish, but if you have any response or further questions, feel free to comment below and I will get back to you,

Thanks for getting in touch,



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Feb 18, 2016
thank you NEW
by: M

Thank you Adam. This was very very helpful. 

It seems like I can feel myself being scattered. I just have to remember to let it feel how it feels. 

There seems to be this sense of NO! dont feel that because you will get stuck in it forever.... 

I have been able to let go of interpreting anything for the moment, in one tiny moment my world gets transformed... but it seems like when emotions are rampant it is more difficult and I could actually FEEL the gripping somewhere in my being. 

Thanks again for your very prompt and helpful insights. Your site is truly a blessing for those of us who come across it. I have been able to "reach" miracles by simply reading your suggestions. 

Feb 18, 2016
by: Adam -

Yes, that NO! sense you mentioned is okay to be there, but notice that what it says is the opposite of truth. The NO! is what makes someone feel stuck. A YES liberates. The mind has it backwards.

Feb 18, 2016
A yes to what is
by: Lawrence  

Hey Adam, ever since noticing resistance to the present moment, I read from The Power Of Now, "A yes weakness the ego and a no strengthens it". 

As soon as I shifted from an inner NO to an inner YES, I noticed a massive difference and I have felt amazing ever since.