How To Tame An Ego

How To Dissolve The Ego

If you have found yourself becoming “anti-ego” at any point, you may have noticed it doesn’t really help.

A mind that has become negative or constricted or just a pain can easily be made into an enemy, and all we want to do is get rid of this uncomfortable thing that seems to exist inside of us.

Then we hear about “the ego”, the mind-made self formed through conditioning that will even cause a disturbance or problems, just to stay alive. The ego becomes the enemy.

But if you make something within yourself an enemy, it’s quite difficult to eradicate it, especially when “the ego” is made of resistance, and needs resistance to survive. If we feel it as something that we need to dispose of or do something about, it tends to become stronger.

Instead, try this...

Pretend as if it was impossible to get rid of your ego, or the mind that seems to cause you trouble. If you feel as if there is a heavy identity or personality that seems to get in the way of things or create a disturbance, let go of the idea that you can get rid of it.

Let go of the idea that it is your responsibility to get rid of it or become free from it.

That might not feel good at first, but experiment with accepting that the ego is part of being human. Even if it is a feeling of tightness behind your eyes, what if that was just part of the human experience?

If you can entertain this idea, then you might notice that things begin to soften. What you were struggling to get rid of is no longer something you need to fight. A sense of ego might be there, but there is something beneath it – something deeper and more consistent, something spacious and also powerful. If your ego is no longer a problem, if it is just a superficial dance on top of a timeless presence, then suddenly everyone else’s egos aren’t such a problem either.

You see other egos as just a fragment of what exists, rather than believing they are everything that makes up a human being.

A lightness might arise when you are no longer unconsciously resisting your own personality. There is a freedom, but it is almost accidental.

Let yourself be human, and see what happens.

All the best,


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