Coping With Restlessness

by Anup Adhikari


Hi Adam,

I have been unable to come to terms with the fact that I am unable to stay still, i.e. go without doing anything even for a short while when it's not necessary. Eckhart Tolle has also talked about this in "The Power Of Now".

I get bored obviously like anyone else and then start requiring some form of time killer so to speak. I believe that it is pretty much everybody's normal state of living these days wherein one is unable to go without engaging oneself/stay still, at least for a short bit, when there is idleness.

It's a desire I have, to be able to embrace inaction at least at times when I am not busy. But of course, I end up doing otherwise like engaging my mind doing something or the other I enjoy doing e.g. internet surfing, playing computer games, listening to music. Engagement in some form of past time or the other have become a norm when there is any moment of break, inaction, etc. Therefore I would like you to tell me if I should let it be that way or do something in order to achieve the desire. And if it is latter, please help me.

P.S. Make no mistake as I believe it is not the desire which leads to suffering that Buddha talked about.



Don’t make a problem out of it. Don’t start another conflict with yourself. Why do you want to be inactive? Is there any reason?

I don’t know what to say to you. If you really want to “go beyond” boredom, then surrender to it. Let it be exactly as it is, without trying to change its intensity, without trying to alleviate it. Don’t even call it boredom. It is just a sensation that the mind then calls “boredom”. It is just a state of mind which is given a great deal of importance. If you surrender to it, it automatically means that it is not so important anymore, you are not trying to fight it or keep it away.

Also you don’t have to judge yourself for feeling any particular way. It is just a sensation and mood that arises by itself. It isn’t what you are.

This recent article on boredom may help:

I’m not quite sure what you meant in your last sentence. But is it not the desire to NOT be bored that creates any trouble?

If you try to stay still, the very effort is another movement. There is nothing wrong with movement, but the desire for stillness can just create more tension. The stillness is already here, and the actions of the body and movements of thought move within it.

Finally, what happens if you accept the fact that there is no stillness?



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Nov 15, 2015
by: Anup

Thank you

Nov 15, 2015
Do not get interested in teachers who have a practise to help you 
by: Pinkhom

Eckhart Tolle might have been liberated from identifying with thoughts (without being in the now) but whatever practices he advice are related to attending fully into the sensations or be in his 'now' .Or enjoy the aliveness of sensations etc so then what ?, we get identified with another doing like bird watching or smoking or drinking or flirting. 

But this is just another doing and there is nothing great spiritual or sane about doing it, better you could enjoy what you enjoy if you enjoy. 

Whatever is there 'you' remain as a thought with it (which is called as being 'aware' {a brain function}) . As human beings we cannot be unaware of anything at any given time (unless in deep sleep or coma) 

This is how i feel about all these spiritual stuffs now. 
Adam I would like to know your response if any :) 


Nov 15, 2015
Response To Pinkhom 
by: Adam -

I love Eckhart Tolle's work. It just becomes more complicated when the mind is searching for a specific result or experience. It is just a habit to turn things into personal "doings".

Nov 20, 2015
Freedom from ego for ego
by: PinkHom

But if no specific result like peace or relaxation is not guaranteed why would one care to do spiritual practices on top of the burden ? 

And then who practices Eckhart Toll's work or other spiritual works available apart from mind.Who can allow mind to do whatever it wants, who will stay as a passive allower, who will sit back, relax and enjoy or allow the show? 

I like most of your writings , but never Eckhart Tolle since I find it very contradictory like ego trying to get rid of ego. 

Please respond unless my comment is irrelevant. 


Nov 20, 2015
Response To Pinkhom 2 
by: Adam -

I understand what you mean. Yes, if indeed it is apparent that there is no separate entity existing inside, then what is the need in following any spiritual guidance? But often the identity and personal focus is so strong, that a certain advice or practice may be helpful to relax the attention from being so tight and personal, to falling back and relaxing back into the wider space of presence. 

I love that one hundred people can be speaking on this same topic, but they may all use different words, advise different practices, or advise no practice or effort whatsoever. All these voices are just there for whoever will resonate with them, and of course if something does not resonate with you, then it can be ignored.

Nov 21, 2015
Illusory space around the only Reality 
by: Pinkhom

I cannot be the space around when there is only intense psychological suffering from resistance and force of a tendency to escape and i hate the situation like hell and never wants it to happen again even as a thought, but there is no space around it, or hope i can find such space or a NOW. And yet i would have preferred that space if there was one available for me to hide. 

And i really do not know by imagining there is a separate impersonal space around or separate awareness around and practicing like you are around that space is going to bring peace and liberation ?? 

reality is reality no escape , not even impersonal space is there. But teachers like Eckhart toll etc force people in suffering to believe that there is something Enlightenment by being in his NOW or rather space around it. Is what he saying true? Is there such a hope remaining by being in the now, is there an escape by being in the NOW?

Nov 21, 2015
Reply Thanking
by: Pinkhom

Hi Adam, 

Thanks for replying. 

In my case or situation or my mind or brain I cannot find any practices to be of any hope( though it could be relaxing at times may be ,may be certain non dual ideas could be more powerful than a practice sometimes) I find it ,no way out. 

That's all.