Inner Power


Hi Adam, 

I was wondering if you'd ever written or discussed anything to do with inner power?

I don't know if this will make sense but I think (when I go back through my childhood and adolescence) that I was often aware of the power within (the power from the source, the oneness) but was terrified of it. Does that make sense?

I have recently noticed that this is the core of my problem, that in the past (and now, if I'm honest) I struggled to accept and go with the flow of the power inside. It was too overwhelming, enormous, life could be too easy and that was not something that I recognised many others doing...

Have you ever felt that? Are there any tips for becoming at peace with the power that you could explain?


Hello. The one who is afraid of the inner power is not real. You are the source, you are the oneness which is intimate with this power. The one who fears the power is not you, it is just a mental fiction, a "me" that sees itself as separate from the power, and fears the power taking it over and dissolving it.

It is the ego that is afraid. It feels so small compared with this vastness. So, see for yourself that the one who is afraid is observed by you. It is just a visitor in awareness. Do not take it so seriously or see it to be important. You give the fear importance when you identify with it and link it back to childhood memories. Let it die and see what happens. You will never die, only the fake and limiting will die.

Let everything be as it is when both power and fear arise in you. Just relax and allow all feelings of "me" or "I" to play out as they wish, but relax into the vastness that you can feel around it. There is no need to fear.

Hopefully you can see that this fear is truly ridiculous, since it fears what is essentially the power of God (or the universe), and it protests to an easy and effortless life in which harmony is experienced.

You are not the one who is afraid or not at peace. You are peace itself. Whatever resists inside is simply a movement in your awareness, transient and unimportant, so just let it be. Don't make it personal.

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