Inner Rebellion

Be disloyal to your ego. Be disobedient. Rebel against conditioning and resistance, be free from fearful thinking.

Whenever ego arises, let it come, but simply be disloyal. Be disobedient. Give thoughts no belief, no importance, no attention. This is an instant power-remover from an energy field that lives off of your belief and loyalty.

We tend to not question the falsity of thinking, but thoughts can never represent absolute truth. They are limitations, often completely false. They are imagination.

In talks of political or outer rebellion, we hear of non-compliance to the existing system. Be like this on the inside, not complying with the inner dictator of the ego. Positive outer change can only really occur when we no longer subscribe to a thought system that only serves to make us suffer and maintain a feeling of separation.

Non-compliance is not resistance, it is not any argument, it is simply an attitude that makes the ego's demands and interpretations obsolete. You naturally remove your power from it by no longer falling prey to its suggestions.

As a result, all of the outer dictatorship, control and political injustices (an outer reflection of mankind's inner dysfunction) will dissolve far easier, since we have removed the root problem - slavery to dysfunctional thinking.

This inner state does not mean thinking cannot be used for useful or creative purposes. This naturally occurs without your expectation. Inner rebellion just releases your dependence on thinking, no longer identifying with the little resistive person that tries to argue with life. Without effort, you can enjoy being, and take the most effective action when it arises in you.