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This website can cover many different areas of inner peace or spirituality, but the main themes are as follows, which may be useful as an introduction to the site...


Conditioning of the human mind begins with the idea of self. You are constantly referred to as a person, a name, a body who is born, will die, does stuff, and is responsible for Life. Then the ideas of the world come about. Language is taught to the child, and instead of language, names and labels being merely a means of communication, it takes over the individual until there is an inner entity that will not stop telling a story about what is happening, has happened or will happen.

Rather than seeing Life clearly, in its purity, the mind continues an inner monologue, or even dialogue, about Life. But this inner drama is merely a bundle of thoughts, believed to be real. This is where we can most immediately see the truth behind the words "the world is an illusion" - the world of names, labels, commentaries and fears are purely a creation of thought, an illusion that seems very real if believed in.

Yet, conditioning is only for the mind. It is not for the real Self. What is the real Self? To describe it or give it a name is misleading, since it is without name or form. It could be called impersonal awareness, which is not subject to birth or death. It is the source of all names and forms, but is not affected by them. It is no distance from you, but the energy of a personal mind-made self is what can seem to obscure it.

You Are Not The Mind

A lot of our trouble comes when we identify with the thought processes that emerge inside of us. It seems quite normal to take yourself to be the thinker of thoughts, the one who is thinking, but is it true? If it were true, you could stop thinking at will. Is this possible? If you try to stop thinking, it will seem very difficult to stop.

The mind calms far easier when we are not longer trying to control it or make it a certain way. Whether thought is operating or not, you still exist, but not as a thought. You exist as an impersonal presence or awareness. If thoughts emerge, they rise by themselves, do they not? You are the awareness in which all objects, including thoughts and the personal sense of self, arise within.

Zoomed Attention

Looking at this page, straight away the attention goes towards the words. The screen is naturally somewhat ignored, taken for granted, and the mind zooms in on the content on the screen. The mind tends to work like this. Thoughts, opinions and reactions emerge, and the attention zooms in on them, ignoring the space in which they arise.

Thoughts and sensations are not so important once we notice the timeless space in which they rise and fall. Even the ideas about yourself, who you have been told you are, who you think you are, are just transient appearances on this screen or space of consciousness. When we stop reacting to or being so interested in the mere appearance of the mind, it is easier to know that we are beyond them.


The obsessive thinking mind that causes such drama and trouble in the human realm, is largely made of resistance. Often it finds a problem with something, it usually wants things to be different or to be changed in some way, and it believes that the way to get things to be its own way, is to resist what is. But this isn’t as effective as it thinks. Resistance tends to strengthen and even attract whatever is being resisted. It fuels the object of resistance.

Non-resistance, however, takes the fuel of attention away from whatever is deemed undesirable, and instead needing to call something good or bad, it is allowed to be as it is. 

You can let this happen in yourself - simply stop arguing with or trying to change the present experience.

This inner surrender to Life breaks down the division between "you" (the mind-made self) and Life. The resistance habit makes it feel as if you are the victim of the world, with everything happening to you, whereas seeing the futility of the constant war with experience, and therefore no longer fighting with Life, allows you to become aware of the original, unconditioned, formless aspect of yourself.

With less resistance clogging up the mind and enhancing the sense of "me", there is also far more space for any creative solutions to emerge, if necessary.


Without using thinking, does time exist? Time and mind are no different. The mind with all its memories and anticipations creates a feeling of time, as if there have been many moments or events, and there will be many more. But events are mind-made. In reality, everything is only happening now, as one interrelated happening. The mind creates stories of "this happened", "I did this", "he or she did that", and a dream-world of time and events is formed in the mind, which is just a bundle of thoughts.

If you can take a break from interpreting what is happening, inside or out, and simply allow this moment to be as it is, you may become aware of the space, or Life, in which everything plays out. This is the present moment - the changeless field of all activity. If you drop all ideas about yourself, is there any separation between you and this timeless field?

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