Introductory Lines

An Introduction To The Book "Inner Peace Poetry"

This entire book of poetry, has come as a surprise,
Suddenly these poems decided they all wanted to arise,
And so here they are in book form of considerable size,
Pointing to an intelligence that flows throughout our lives.

An intelligence that’s natural, which is the same as Nature,
Some may call it God or Life, the Universe or Creator.
The intelligence that beats your heart, that regulates the breath,
The source of thought, the home that exists, that houses birth and death.

Whatever name you have for it, it makes itself announced,
As the existence that you are, the silence beneath the sounds,
Or the love you feel when for a moment you are free from lack or fear,
When you no longer have the deceitful voice that whispers in your ear.

It’s scary to the mind that is addicted to its movements,
But is itself the ever-free abode beyond improvements.

An intelligence that unites us all, that man has just forgotten,
Turning a paradise of a world to reflect a mind that’s rotten.
But rotting doesn’t last forever, it’s part of Nature’s cycle,
As following the light of day comes the inevitable nightfall.

And after falling asleep for a while, now we can awake,
From a dream creating a world where so much food can go to waste,
Or where more money is spent on war than is needed to end all hunger,
A world where we make enemies of our sisters and our brothers.

This book contains no answers, yet it contains no lies,
Words can point straight to truth, but they also can disguise.
The truth is in between the words, in which the words arise,
Focus on the words too much, and then the truth will hide.

The heaven is within us, like that famous guy once said,
You don’t have to wait for it until after you are dead.
What dies is the idea of yourself created in your head,
Formed of thoughts and memories making you feel separate from the rest.

I do hope you enjoy the book, that it can enrich your life,
That the poems and the words can help to calm a restless mind,
To take it back to its resting place that’s also filled with joy,
Where a struggling mentality need no longer be employed.

With the capacity of humans, we can create a living hell,
But with a simple shift in consciousness we could do rather well,
And create a world together that reflects our natural state,
Where we no longer feel cut-off from an existence that is great.

Enjoy it all, it’s all a game, forget everything you know,
Disregard these words as well and life can truly flow.
Opened up to intelligence and creativity,
Life then uses you, so it can fulfill its destiny.

From the book: