Keep Your Own

There are many you will meet
who will try to control you.
It might be subtle. It might be gross.
They might try to make you do things or try to make you think things or try to make you say things so that they can be more comfortable, in any way.
It could be doing a job that they don’t want to do themselves.
It could be laughing at their bad joke.
It could be giving them attention so that they suck your energy from your mind.
And it will work, as long as you fear something.
If you fear being ridiculed, it will work.
If you fear losing face, it will work.
If you fear losing work, it will work.
It works from fear.
Fear of inadequacy,
fear of not being needed,
fear of being nothing.
Fear of insignificance.
It is a beautiful thing to not be needed.
Because then the pressure is off.
The attempt to control others in any way, is far more common than we think.
Each mind has its own belief system that it attempts to spread to others, and unless you see it for what it is, your own can get infected.
Believing in words, believing that words are true in the first place means that words can find a home in you.
Believing what people say just because they believe it themselves is a terrible trap.
Believing that people are sane, is dangerous.
We carry many many assumptions at the foundation of our interactions, that have been there for generations. We inherit them, they hold us without our knowing, and unless we notice them, they keep us from seeing certain truths.
People are so often a bundle of personal past conditioning, electrical signals firing in the brain, masquerading as a sure, reliable source of information or guidance.
Be careful what you believe. Don’t live through someone else’s mind, or you will live someone else’s life.
Keep your own.