Let Death Come

Let Death Come

Let death come for you.
It is ok, let yourself die in the Now.
Die to the past, die to the pain,
And die to the memories foul.

All of your past has disappeared,
It is not your job to keep it.
You don’t have to correct what has disappeared,
Or caress, protect or believe it.

Perhaps many of us think our past should be perfect,
And to replay it might mean it will fix.
But all that holding on to events will do,
Is keep you feeling like you’re stuck in some s**t.

It’s not your job to correct what’s gone,
Or even correct your own life.
You took this whole burden, only when you,
Were told that to bear burdens was right.

Give it back to the same force that created your body,
Without your mum choosing how you would form.
The power that continues the heart to beat,
Without which no one would even be born.

You may disagree, but you may well see,
That life is not your responsibility.
That the same force that brought you in to this world,
Will also take you out of the scene.

Death is not just for the physical,
It is when the mind realises its source.
That an intelligence lives, organising your life,
That exists even prior to thoughts.

Die into it, give yourself up,
Let it take “you” in.
The death can occur but the body can live,
And the spirit can fully move in.

From the book:

Photo above by Sunny_mjx on Flickr