Letting Go

by Sonia


Hi Adam, can you explain what letting go and letting god means? How can we practice it daily for inner peace?


"Letting go and letting god" tends to mean trust in the universe. Usually we are taught the opposite, that life is lacking, unintelligent and uninterested in whether or not you suffer and die. We are always taught to trust ourselves, our past, our knowledge, and we forget that we are not even regulating our own breaths. We did not create our bodies and then say "I'm going to live in there and I will take care of the body's affairs." It is only a few years into the human experience that you are taught about "yourself", "the world", what should happen and what shouldn't happen, how things are and how things should be, and how you are somehow responsible for all of it. How can you be responsible for your life if your heart is beating without your even paying attention to it.

Usually if you speak with anyone creative or artistic, their best work seems to come when they feel as if they are not doing it. Something else flows through, and at the time at least, they are not personally trying to work it out, not trying to create something brilliant that they think others will like. Instead there is just some power that moves through the mind and body. An intelligence is already here, you can feel it in your heartbeat, digestion, in a forest or in an insect. But a large part of the human condition seems to be ignoring this natural intelligence, which existed before "you" did, and instead the human being thinks it is personally in charge of life.

This is why humans have become so destructive and stupid in many ways. You can see it in different industries like energy, agriculture, medicine, dentistry - there is often an underlying sense that "nature is stupid, we humans must overthrow it or fix it using our own cleverness" - but because the approach ignore's life's intelligence, it becomes against life. Of course this is changing now, there is more awakened consciousness flowing in these industries, but they are examples of what happens when the human thinks that it's personal self is the replacement of God.

You may be familiar with law of attraction teachings. A main part of this is to do with energy vibration, that you attract what you vibrate at, or in other words, you attract what you feel like. So they say if you feel lack, you attract it in life, if you feel abundant, you attract this in life. If there is a real let-go in life then naturally you will tend to feel lighter, freer, with a natural sense of abundance.

I suppose "let go and let God" involves a sense that you don't know what's best, that your understanding of life is so limited and small, so confined to an education of a small number of human beings, who are often somewhat insane themselves - that you really don't know anything for sure. How can you know for sure?

So these are some words that came up in response to your question. Thanks for getting in touch, sorry the response took so long.


"Happiness cannot be found
through great effort and willpower,
but is already present, in open relaxation
and letting go.

Don't strain yourself:
there is nothing to do nor undo.
Whatever momentarily arises in the body mind
has no real importance at all,
has little reality whatsoever.
Why identify with, and become attached to it,
passing judgement upon it and ourselves?

Far better to simply
let the entire game happen on its own,
springing up and falling back like waves –
without changing or manipulating anything –
and notice how everything vanishes and
reappears, magically, again and again,
time without end.

Only our searching for happiness
prevents us from seeing it.
It's like a vivid rainbow which you pursue
without ever catching,
or a dog chasing its own tail.
Although peace and happiness do not exist
as an actual thing or place,
it is always available
and accompanies you every instant.

Don't believe in the reality
of good and bad experiences;
they are like today's ephemeral weather,
like rainbows in the sky.

Wanting to grasp the ungraspable,
you exhaust yourself in vain.
As soon as you open and relax
this tight fist of grasping,
infinite space is there –
open, inviting and comfortable.

Make use of this spaciousness, this freedom
and natural ease.
Don't search any further.
Don't go into the entangled jungle
looking for the great awakened elephant
who is already resting quietly at home
in front of your own hearth.

Nothing to do or undo.
Nothing to force,
nothing to want
and nothing missing.

Emaho! Marvellous!
Everything happens by itself."

- Lama Guendune Rinpoche