Letting Go vs Doing Your Best

by Arima


Hi Adam,

I have this persistent dichotomy within on whether to follow the "let go and let God" idea or to follow the "God helps those who help themselves" idea. In fact to say its a dichotomy is a mild understatement. Most of the time I am completely paralysed by a fierce inner conflict, and this happens about every small to large thing.

I wonder what to do about this, for even if I just watch all this going on, it's been on and on like this for years!

From doing exercises or watching my weight to doing my website professional work to doing personal chores to anything. Whenever it comes to any form of doing regimen, there is this on one side: "Why bother, all life is according to God's diktat anyway?" and my enthusiasm just drains out. The other side then eggs me saying "But if you have no enthusiasm, then what are you going to do with all the hours and days ...?"

Any advice you can give me on this I'll be grateful for.

Thanks and regards,



What comes to mind is that perhaps you still have assumptions about what it would mean, or how you would feel if there was a complete let-go.

Our conditioning says that if there is a let-go, then nothing will be done properly, since the personal “I” is the only one who can keep activity going. We are trained to think that everything is personally up to us, so a letting go of that will automatically mean no life, no energy, nothing done properly.

Perhaps don’t approach it in any way. Do what you feel to do, what you are moved to do, and just go with that. Notice if the idea of “letting go and letting god” is replaced by some kind of resistance, or some kind of idea of what should happen, what God should do if it is all given back to him. 

But of course when there is a let-go, you don’t know what’s best. You don’t know intellectually what is the best thing to do, or why, but things are done. It’s like birds migrating, they are not necessarily thinking, “Ok, we better go soon otherwise it will get too cold.” They seem to just go, to just move as nature or instinct tells them.

I would say forget about both ways. How does that feel? Does it feel lighter to not have any specific approach to life? Go with whatever makes you feel lighter. When you feel lighter, there is more space for any action or energy to flow as it may wish. If something makes you feel heavier, it is like clogging up pipes so things feel much more difficult.

“Letting go” does not automatically mean less enthusiasm, but it may feel like that if you have certain hidden ideas about what letting go means. If you “let go and let god” then you no longer have anything to worry about. You are not trying to be inactive, and you are not trying to be active, and yet there is action and inaction at different times. It isn’t up to you any more.

But sometimes “letting go” can feel difficult. Because the conditioned personal energy is built on resistance, it doesn’t understand what letting go means, because it means its own dissolution.

“God loves a tryer” is another one I have heard. But there is plenty of evidence to suggest that those who are trying hard are not achieving the results they want. And there is also evidence to support the opposite.

God’s will being done does not imply non-action. It implies intelligent, intuitive action, not just going with the mechanical mind which always thinks that it knows what is best.

Drop both, just be, just move.

In fact, the root Greek word for enthusiasm - "enthousiazein" means "to be possessed by God". It is the opposite of what the cultural conditioning says - that letting go will mean lethargy.

The more the attention is no longer resisting the forms of the moment - physical, emotional or thought forms - then this itself allows for a deeper space to become more obvious in life - a stillness which is the source of all energy, creativity and enthusiasm if it is required.

It is usually our expectations of how things should be, that make us feel as if we must cling and stick to and resist everything that happens. Everything disappears as soon as it appears, the body continues to digest food, circulate blood, all by itself. The weather and seasons move by themselves. A human being's life need be no different. This is not to say that some goals or inspired action won't arise in you. Actually it is the opposite. If you allow your initial lack of enthusiasm to be as it is, then you will notice it is not as real as you thought.

You also mentioned that sometimes you watch this all going on. But if you can watch the conflict, then surely the conflict is nothing to do with you, so you don't have to watch it with any interest or expectation? You can let it be there, without trying to change it. Watching with interest or expectation means that whatever you watch becomes all-engrossing. Watching without interest, because it isn't anything to do with you, means that whatever is being watched, begins to lose its importance.

However you feel, let yourself feel that way. That is the most basic and fundamental let-go, which allows for space and less suffering. The rest will take care of itself.

Does any of that help?



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Mar 29, 2016
Thanks Adam! 
by: Arima

That was simply superb ... your answer to my question! In fact as I read it, I felt a sort of "relief" and "resignation". Thanks so much ...

Apr 01, 2016
by: Adam - InnerPeaceNow.com

Glad it could help, Arima.

I came across this video shortly after we spoke, which you may also find helpful: http://moojivideos.com/hp_wordpress/?p=88

All the best,


Apr 01, 2016
Beautiful Video NEW
by: Arima


Thanks that was a beautiful video. In fact over the last two days I have had the releasing insight that maybe my "mind" is trying to be in this "go with the flow" as if it is one more thing on my mind's to do list! 

The minute you realise that being "mindless" is the actual letting go, then the dichotomy has subsided! 

Thanks again!