Life Isn't Stupid

Many of us carry around the unconscious belief that life is somehow stupid, and we must manipulate it and take charge, since otherwise it will leave us alone and destitute.

It is more the other way round.  Through reliance on imagination, through interpreting the world mentally, as if we know what is going on – we become stupid.  We become separate from the whole of life, and so feel alone and unsafe.  Then we need to try to take charge of the outer world - “my life”, so that “I” can feel less uncomfortable.

This is all the work of the false personal mind.  Notice how much of your so-called “knowledge” comes from thinking.  Whenever an event or a person arises, instantly mental imagery is formed.  This mental imagery is not the absolute truth of anything.  It is just thought.  Thought which is limited, temporary, a creation of the personal mind (“the ego”) – which is also false. 

All the judgements and opinions we have are usually based on a false sense of self.  If the foundation is false, how can the rest be true?

The Intelligence Of Life does not live in time.  It lives in the reality of now.  So it can not be rehearsed or predicted.  There is no need for all of this.  It is one with everything else, and so if given the space, acts on its own accord.  All we need to do is stop clogging it up with personal identity.

How to do this? – be aware of the sense of identity.  Notice that you can be aware of it.  Don’t try to change anything, just be aware.  Stop judging – act like you don’t know anything, and everything you have ever been told (including this text) – is untrue…….then you are empty, unconditioned by society, friends, teachers or parents.  Give up valuing whatever you take to be real.  Act as if nothing is real – then you are left with reality.  Formless, one, reality.


Stop Interfering

Stop interfering with anything, particularly thoughts.  Watch without interfering with them.  If interference arises, don’t interfere.  “You” aren’t required.  Be without ideas of “you” doing or thinking anything.

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