Life Will Always Expose "You"

Life will always expose "you". The whole of Life is your guru. Whatever you are still holding on to, whatever falsity you still carry inside, you can be sure that life will expose it. A situation will arise, something will happen that suddenly triggers a reaction in you that you never knew existed, or that you thought had disappeared.

One could say that this is the purpose of the world. Rather than being here to make us happy, as we often unconsciously assume, it is here to wake us up. To shake us and disturb us until we are forced to surrender the will of the ego and our false sense of self, and realise what we are. In this way Life is a great teacher, so surrender to it , accept it, stop arguing with it.

If you keep arguing with Life, it has no choice but to reflect your resistance back to you. It has to keep trying to wake you up by giving you experiences that disturb or upset you. Give yourself and Life a break by handing your existence the Life itself. Don’t live in fear, live as freedom.

Life Won't Let You Get Personal

Is anyone’s experience that whenever you become perosnal, whenever you start believing all the personal chat from the mind, you seem to suffer to quite an intense degree? More than ever before?

On the surface it may seem as if it is unfair that you can no longer be happy or at ease with the person you think you are. Really it is a blessing. Life will no longer let you act like a little person. Life forces you to be what you are - not a person, but, awareness, presence.