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Hello, I have a question about living in the present moment. If we were always living in the present, not wanting anything more, how would anything get done? How could we live a normal life if we never thought about the future?


Before this is answered, let’s touch on what can often be misleading for people. The phrase living “in” the present moment can be misleading. It implies that there is a person who can live in the present and can also live out of the present. Really this personal self is just mental construct, it is not real. The real you is presence itself, prior to the emergence of a conceptual person who is sometimes in the present and sometimes not. In fact this inner person who takes credit for doing things does not really exist, it is only an idea.

Let’s not make the present moment just another idea, another concept to be in or out of. It is actually all there is. The rest, including the idea of “you”, is just imagination.

For this question though, we will continue to use the phrase living “in” the present.

Living in the present moment does not mean there will be no more movement in your life. You may actually find that things become easier, actions become more simple, and progress can be made faster in whatever you are involved in. A tree is constantly in the present moment, yet continues to grow and grow. A flower is constantly in the present moment, yet follows the rays of the sun and opens and closes its buds. A squirrel is always in the present moment, yet it still stores food for the winter. Your life is no different.

When you are in the present, things just get done. Life takes care of itself. There is an underlying intelligence that silently takes care of everything. This intelligence is interrupted or influenced (often negatively) when the human mind interferes or tries to take over. When you accept the present moment and remain there, you are allowing this intelligence to run your life, which can only benefit you.

You are the awareness of the action your body takes. If you need to get food, it happens, if you need to do anything, it happens. You can still make plans if you wish, but you spend no unnecessary time anticipating or worrying about the future. The present moment is the source of your peace and happiness, you no longer ask that the future (or your imagination) gives this to you.

You may find that a goal or plan of action arises from your peaceful state of alert presence. You may even write a goal or a plan down and then follow that plan. However all of your action towards any kind of goal occurs within the present moment. Your action occurs with your attention fully in the now, and this is when most effective action takes place.

You may indeed find that your life may change on an exterior level. Your need for future satisfaction, activities to do or relationships may lessen, so your experience of the world may manifest to reflect this. You may become less busy or your life may be full of things that require the action of your body and mind. Either way, you are aware that your peace comes from within, the external world can not give it to you, so you do not make this demand of the world.

When you live more in the now, it is normal for our conditioned minds to believe that we will no longer achieve anything or do anything of use or benefit, or we will no longer have the ability to make more money or improve our lifestyles. This is wrong.

Your external reality is a reflection of your internal reality. When you realise that the source of your peace, happiness, abundance and fulfilment are part of WHO YOU ALREADY ARE, then you begin to dwell in these pleasant states throughout longer periods. When this state of peace and contentment become your inner reality, your external reality changes to reflect this.  

When you live in the present, egoic goals and motivations fall away. This leaves space for the movement of pure consciousness to influence your actions. You could say that you are then acting the will of God.  

When you live in this way your physical existence becomes an effortless experience, even if challenges arise. You are already at peace and happy, so you do not ask your outer experience to give you these things. Then your actions take on an energy of very high quality, motivated by the life force and intelligence that runs everything in the universe.

When the ego runs your life, you feel completely separate from everything around you. You feel you are "on your own", and that worrying or being concerned about the future is necessary. As you become present as the awareness of these conditioned mind patterns, you feel that you ARE the whole, one with everything. You are alone in a sense, but as the one underlying consciousness of all things.

Rest as the ever present awareness, and watch everything take care of itself. Action will occur spontaneously.


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Nov 03, 2015
Living In the NOW 
by: Jit Biswa

Is living in the NOW means living without striving for anything? Without working for some goals? 
How to motivate oneself for a meaningful existence?

Nov 03, 2015
Jit Biswa 
by: Adam -

Naturally work may include a goal. For example, an everyday occurrence is something like washing the dishes. The goal may be to clean all the dishes, but the goal does not have to be more important than the actual process. If there is not a hurry to finish the task, if you are not striving away from the moment, then the task will be more enjoyable, and the dishes will have been cleaned far more efficiently. 

You may feel inspired to do something, but reaching the goal is no longer advertised as the only way to be at peace or happy. The peace is here, and the goal is secondary. 

When you watch a tree or a plant at various stages of its life, it may be growing, but it does not seem to be dissatisfied with whatever stage it is at. Each moment is as important as the next. It is growing, maturing, but not imagining once it is a certain height, then it will be happy.