Mind-Made Events

Everything that you think has happened or is happening now, is a limited creation of the mind.  Events are mind-made.  In reality forms move and somehow interact, and then the human mind creates events out of it which is then often stored in memory and carried around.

The limited view of one human being means that we can not see the whole.  Whatever happens is connected to everything else that happens now, but it is very hard to see this when you are experiencing being a fragment of the whole.

Whenever you mentally interpret an event or what is happening in the world, your perception becomes limited, and flavoured with personal conditioning from the past.  The mind splits everything up.  The universe goes from being one interconnected organism, to many different people, places, things, personalities, events, judgements and stories, and everything becomes so complicated.  Then we begin to anticipate things as if we know what the future will hold, and in many cases, existence becomes a burden.

The mind is convinced of its own projections.  It will fight to justify and maintain the truth of its fragmented beliefs.  It takes something deeper in you to see that what your mind is creating as "my life", “me” and "the events that happen to me” are very limited, and fictional.

Before the mind creates a story and begins to break everything up into categories and compartments, there is awareness.  There is pure perception.  A witnessing of what is going on, including the witnessing of the mind’s fragmentations.  You are that awareness, are you not?


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