Have you got any advice linking with money? I would find that extremely useful at the moment! 


Only follow this advice if you feel it resonate within your heart/your being. I do not know any details of your situation, so this may seem vague. Hope it helps though.  

If you are having "issues" with money, know that the issue is created in your mind. Your money is as it is. The mind will interpret a situation, create thoughts and pictures full of identity and tell you that "this is how it is". If it is a perceived lack of money, and you believe the concepts of the mind, you will continue to feed this situation of perceived lack. The number on the screen of your bank account is just a number. Do not personalise it, identify with it, or judge it.

Without mind, there is no lack. You can not know your financial situation without creating and believing in thoughts your mind generates.

Throw away your mind's interpretation of your financial situation. Leave the concepts, judgements and limitations and go deeper into the formlessness of your own self, where there is no such thing as money, no such thing as a person with money. The person and the person's money matters arise in your awareness, and when they do, give them no importance. Remain in yourself.

The surface of your life and the actions of your body will take care of themselves, and will reflect your natural state of peace and harmony

You will begin to feel at ease in the present, and actually connect with the source of all abundance. This will transform your financial situation far better than dwelling in thoughts will. The main thing to transcend is the thoughts of lack or fear or "not enough", since if these are believed in, they seem to block the natural state of abundance that is part of who you are as consciousness. Be aware of the thoughts of worry or sense of lack as they arise - and do not believe in them.

However much money you have or do not have - do not take it personally. Do not identify. Do not interpret it through a mental filter. It simply is as it is. Do not believe in your mind's judgements around it. In this state, you are no longer resisting, you are no longer blocking more money coming to you, or preventing useful action arising out of your state of acceptance.

What would happen if you completely accepted your money situation - totally and completely? You would be at peace, yet free to take any action that arises from the intelligence that dwells in your own stillness - if necessary.

You are being looked after. When you believe you are on your own, you dampen your reality slightly to reflect this, yet you are still being looked after.

The mind's judgement of money is often greatly distorted. For example, someone may feel as if they do not have enough money, yet they are worrying whilst living in a house, clothed and fed, with more than enough for what they need at that moment.

Of course you may not suddenly go out and write a cheque for millions, you will likely be aware of how much is in your bank, but there will be no identity, no personality in the financial situation. 

When you dwell in the present - for instance now - how much money do you need for what you are doing at this very moment? Much of our "money problems" are completely imagined, and only designed to keep us in a fake identity of a person thinking about their money, and thought about in a dysfunctional way, totally based in time - which is imagined.

The main thing to remember is that any sense of lack or worry you feel - because your mind says that it is justified to feel like this with "this much in your bank" or "this much coming in" - is not justified at all. It only perpetuates the situation. Do not identify with any situation in your life, including money. Then you will see that it is not even you who is at all concerned. You are never worried and never feel any lack. You may believe you do get worried, concerned etc - but know that this is only identification with ego.

If you believe in the secret, law of attraction etc. - feeling free, abundant and at peace from going deeper into yourself and away from the mind means that you are living like a rich person. No longer worrying or even wanting money means you realise you already are rich, now. Ignore your thoughts and realise that you are not even a person - you are the witness of the person and all of its activities. You are not harmed or troubled by anything - even if the person is.