No Landing Pad For Thoughts

We can often have a sense that we are solid objects, solid entities that live in bodies, usually somewhere in the head or behind the eyes.

This sense of being a solid person can act as a kind of energetic attractant for thoughts, opinions and the many ideas of self. Thoughts and events seem to stick inside, they land, and they seem somehow solid and real. Then we feel that we have to do something to be free of all of this - take up some practice, approach thoughts a certain way, achieve a particular state, try to get rid of the ego/mind etc.

Rather than all of this, just don't assume you are an object that has to do or control anything. You will notice that it has been an assumption that you are a person in the head who feels attached to thoughts and responsible for everything that happens. This idea of self is likely supported by many people you interact with, so it seems quite real and normal.

You don’t have to try to be anything, or try to be nothing, just give up all assumptions, all heresay about what you could possibly be. You do not have to label yourself as "consciousness" or anything alike. Simply do not assume you are an object. Then you are no longer a landing pad for thoughts, negativity, praise or criticism. There is no one inside for anything to stick to and yet, there is a full sense of Life, space for creativity and action to emerge, and the human drama dissolves. Thoughts may flow, emotions can play, but nothing can stick. Stick to who?