Noticing Automatic Resistance

A big spiritual topic is that of surrender, non-resistance to the present moment. People can feel the benefits of this, and can also see that it often benefits situations and people around you rather than making it all even worse.

However, resistance is such an engrained pattern that we learn as we grow up, that it becomes very automatic. It becomes like a reflex, which at first feels personal, as if it is your own doing, but really it happens by itself. As soon as the mind decides it dislikes something, its habit is to contract and resist and complain, thinking that this will help heal the situation. But it tends to just make things worse, or just make someone suffer.

Rather than entertaining the idea that “I can not help but resist the experience”, just notice that actually, resistance happens by itself. Let resistance happen. It is also part of the experience. If it can not be relinquished or dropped, and it just seems to stick inside you, let the energy of resistance be there, without resisting it. Then you are free, or rather, then there is freedom.