Noticing Your Freedom

Freedom Already Exists

People often have the feeling that they want to be free from the mind, free from negativity, free from lack or struggle.

Instead of trying to be free, notice any freedom you already have.

Our everyday freedom can often be overlooked.

Even if you feel like you’re not doing what you want to do – are you actually being forced to? Are you free to stop if you want, even for a moment?

We are often more free than we realise.

Jobs and work and family obligations can make us feel tied to life, as if we are almost like slaves, but noticing glimpses of your own everyday freedom can help to relieve this.

If there is anything at all you like to do in life – you can also appreciate the freedom you have to do it. Driving somewhere can become a journey of appreciation where you double your enjoyment of the whole thing. Deciding to do something becomes a movement of joy because you appreciate you are free enough to do it.

Maybe there’s something you don’t want to do tomorrow. Realise that you aren’t being forced to do it. No one is literally making you do it. There might be consequences to you not doing it, but to realise that you are still deciding to do it gives you back some power, a sense that you aren’t a slave to a particular task.

Even a simple task like cooking a meal can feel like a drag, as if you have to do it but you don’t want to. If you realise, however, that you don’t actually have to cook, that no one is actually making you, it is clearer to see that if you don’t, then you or your family won’t be able to eat. And you would rather they eat...

So then you carry on, perhaps now with a little bit more power or energy inside to do what you actually want to do in the long run.

If you go for a walk, realise you are free enough to do it. If you have a drink when you want, realise you are free enough to do it. Notice freedom in the little things, and it begins to grow and leak into everything else.

Hope that’s useful, speak to you soon,