Our Grand Assumption

Thoughts arise. The movement of thought creates the idea that there is a “me” who is thinking all of the thoughts - someone who is responsible for thinking every thought that comes or goes.

Please investigate the reality of this. All that you need is to ask “who is thinking?”, and locate the person who seems to be generating all of these thoughts. 

Who is thinking? If more thoughts come to give an answer, see if anything is actually backed up. If someone said “there is a cat sitting next to you”, you would not blindly believe them. You would look to confirm it for yourself. So if thoughts come up like “I am thinking this”, then clarify the existence of this “I”. Can the person be located? 

Distractions may come, but just once, find out who is it that thinks. 

Confirm it. Don't worry about the thoughts. Is the thinker real?