Scary Experience While Meditating

by Susan


I started meditating about five years ago and I would see purple swirls of light all around me and I must say it was very peaceful and comforting but while I was meditating about two months ago the purple color swirls turned into an intense red mass that poured down into my chest and core area. I felt rushes of energy passing through out my entire body from my feet up through out the top of my head and later that night as I attempted to go to sleep the waves of energy that were running through my body were very uncomfortable and intense and I started having inner visions i saw things like indigo and violet color lights i also saw a gold color pentagram and those are just to name a few so I have stopped meditation because I have been too afraid to continue on with it.

I have not told anyone about my experience because I don't want to be viewed as being crazy or someone that's just making things up...does anyone know what that may have been? Or what it means? 



No, I don’t know what it means. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything? I’m not sure. All I can ask is what sort of meditation are you doing? If it is chakra-based, for instance, then these kind of “crazy” experiences can happen. But you aren’t crazy for having an experience like that. I feel like I don’t have a foundation to work with because I’m not sure if you have a process before that kind of experience.

Just sitting, not doing anything, is meditation. Grounding yourself can be very helpful (see this link for more on grounding). Just paying attention to the breath can bring the attention inwards rather than out into the mind-realm of experience.

Perhaps refrain from any kind of meditation that takes you up and out of the body. Fall back inwardly by no longer resisting or interpreting the content of experience - the thoughts, feelings, sensations. if they are allowed to be, then you are the space for them.