Seeking Perfection

"Nothing we see or hear is perfect. But right there in the imperfection is perfect reality."
~ Shunryu Suzuki

Often without knowing it we are seeking some kind of perfection. We suffer when we seek perfection in externals, when we have some pre-conceived notion of how people and the world should be – then when things don’t meet the mind’s expectations, suffering ensues.

We often have a background assumption that the world of forms should be perfect – as in perfectly in accordance to the personal will. Is this not an unfair assumption? How can each person expect everything to suit its expectations?

When we overlook the form, when we go beyond, we notice that there is a natural perfection that is underlying the play of forms. The world of forms has an imperfect nature, in that everything is changing, nothing can conform to all the expectations of one’s own mind. When this imperfect nature is allowed, and not demanded to be different, it becomes a gateway through which we can experience the underling timeless perfection of Life, which is not moved by the play of forms.

Our expectations are what clog things up. When we expect that people or things should be a certain way, we create a tension, a dependence, a neediness. When we relinquish our expectations, just to see how it feels, we feel more free, more spacious, we are aware of the undercurrent of Life that is changeless, whilst all the forms continue to change.

The same goes for yourself. When you are not making demands that you feel a certain way, your give yourself room to breathe, and the experience will not feel so "tight".

This does not prevent action arising, it actually allows action to be free and easier if the moment takes you.