In society there seems to be an inherent assumption that everyone must justify their own existence and their own actions.  If someone challenges you to justify your action or non-action, to remain silent is misinterpreted as rudeness or anger.

Be free from the imposed belief that you must justify yourself in any way.  The act of self-justification is just the false-self prolonging its existence through excessive thinking and sense of “otherness” that comes with concepts of other people.

Be in an inner solitude, aloof, inturned and silent inside.  Empty.  Free from identity or personality.  Drop the mind’s belief in rules of social interaction.  If you do not feel to speak, do not speak.  Words will arise if needed, and you will be the one listening, even if the words come from your own mouth. 

All you will ever be justifying is a false self-image, a thought, so why bother?  If there is any self-concept under threat, let it be destroyed, so that only the truth remains.

If the tendency still arises to justify yourself inside, you can do one of two things:

  • Do not judge the feeling, allow it to be as it is, but do not give it your belief or interest.  Be the awareness of the feeling.


  • Be aware that it is the ego (the self-image) trying to justify itself.  It is not you trying to justify yourself.  You are beyond the personality, which uses self-justification to maintain itself.

Others may still seem to request your self-justification.  Don't give any energy to this, let them be.