Stop Steering With Anxiety

Notice why you might be anxious, nervous or upset.
It is usually an attempt to fix reality into an avoidance of an undesirable situation, and morph it into a desirable one.
It is like the nervousness or the trauma or the upset are ways that we think we can fix the world into how we want it to be.
But notice that it doesn’t work.
Notice that the emotional attempts to avoid the negatives do not help avoid the negatives.
They draw you closer. 
You start to vibrate on the same energy as what you don’t want, and it becomes your world.
Notice the futile attempts to fix reality using negative emotions beforehand.
There is nothing wrong with any of it, but see that worrying about something before it occurs does not do much to steer you away from it.
It clogs you and consumes you, and if you let yourself do it, you will see that it isn’t helping.

And then where there is a letting go, through noticing futility, life flows much easier.