A Seller In A Shop

A Seller In A Shop

A man walks into a shop, 
With a sack of garbage on his back.
He’s looking to sell all the crap
To anyone’s attention he can grab.

He walks into the first shop,
He emits an awful smell,
The air becomes denser and heavier,
And the door chimes with a bell.

“I’ve got this stuff to sell”
He proclaims to the shopkeep,
“It will sell awfully well,
If you stack it on your shelves.”

“What is it?” replies the shopkeeper,
Disgusted but engrossed,
Uncomfortable with this man
Who stands before himself.

“Ill show you” the seller replies,
And he tips out on the floor
Garbage, rubbish, attracting flies
That followed in from outside.

“What are you doing, don’t make a mess!”
The shopkeeper is annoyed.
Giving his attention to all the mess,
He feels engulfed in noise.

And now with the buyer’s attention,
The seller performs his trick,
He hypnotises the shopkeep,
And the shopkeep falls for it.

The seller says it quick:

“Now I have tipped out my produce,
You simply have to buy it.
I will receive the payment direct,
Since I have directly supplied it.”

The shopkeeper complies, not at all surprised
At what he’s decided to buy -
The garbage that was taken from his own
Bin that was sitting outside.

The seller then goes to the shop next door,
Brings in all the rubbish.
He makes his announcement at the counter,
But no one comes in a hurry.

He waits a while, the shop is stinking,
But still no one to buy.
After a while he loses his patience,
And he goes to the next shop to try.

And as he walks out of the door,
Leaving the shop forever,
The shopkeeper emerges at his counter,
And laughs at the seller’s endeavour.

He knew that all the seller would need,
Is his precious attention of interest.
If a thought or a person comes to sell you their rubbish,
Do nothing, and there’s no one to invest.

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