Sunday Short Story - A Thoughtless Cat

A very short, simple story on stepping out of the human drama of language for a while…

A cat was silently sitting at the end of the pathway leading up to the house in which it lived. As it looked around, straight ahead it could see its owners all sitting round their table, eating a meal.

The cat looked on, silently.

The windows were open, and he could hear the faintest noises of their voices chattering in the distance.

The cat was watching, still, easily and silently.

Suddenly some of the voices were becoming louder, harsher and more aggressive. The people began to contort their faces and were shouting at each other.

The cat looked on, silently.

"What's going on in there?" remarked a passer-by to his wife, "They're having another argument are they?!"

The cat looked on, silently.

The cat moved closer to the window to see what was actually happening. As it looked in, it could see that nothing was happening. There were just people shouting. No one was even touching each other, no one had even got out of their seat.

"When will they ever learn to just get along?" the cat heard a human say from the window of the next house.

"Oh it's so easy for you to judge them isn’t it?" said another voice from the same window.

"What do you mean by that? I'm not judging!" snapped the first voice, after which the speech became a blur of two voices shouting over each other.

The cat walked off, silently.

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