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Stages Of The Emotional Healing Process

Stages Of The Emotional Healing Process

Today's blog post is sharing an extra chapter that I have recently added to the book "Undisturbed; A Guide To Emotional Wellness."

After the book's release a while ago, I felt an extra chapter may be helpful to address any issues or questions that arise when someone goes through the emotional healing process.

For those of you who have purchased the book already, you can read the chapter for free. If you don't have the book yet then this chapter may be useful for you, and if you would like to go deeper into the topic or yourself, the book is always available here.

How Can I Stay Present? + Emotional Clearing

Don't take it on yourself to release anything. If you take it as your responsibility to somehow cleanse or rid the body/mind of these sensations, then that very sense of responsibility creates a solid sense of "me" who has to do something before they can feel free, or be liberated, or anything similar...