The Mind Tries To Keep You Safe

A Mind Does Its Best To Keep You Safe

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It seems that every troublesome thought we have, every unpleasant emotion, dread, worry, depression, anxiety - are all on some level, trying to keep us safe.

The Mind's Defense Mechanisms

If you are worried, it is the mind’s attempt to stop something bad happening through focusing on it. If you are anxious, the anxiety is a fear response to try to take you away from a perceived danger. If you are angry, the anger is an attempt to fix reality into a certain form - and this form often involves you or a loved one being safer and further away from pain.

Perhaps it is some kind of energetic pressure in your head, or a depressed feeling in the background that has no obvious cause. Whatever it is, experiment with this approach:

"Thank You For Trying To Keep Me Safe"

Say to the experience “Thank you for trying to keep me safe”. It does not have to be out loud. Even then, it might feel silly. But try it in the privacy of your own being.

“Thank you for trying to keep me safe.”

If you try this out, genuinely, then you might see that it illumines and dissolves any hidden or latent resistance, and begins to shine a more accepting, embracing and healing light on whatever you are experiencing. It helps relieve suffering, and can lead to shifts and releases that you might have always been trying to achieve through unconscious resistance.

A Mind Built For Safety

The human system, like most others, is hardwired to survive and avoid pain. So all of our inner turbulences are usually primitive and ineffective attempts to carry out this function amidst a less-than-primitive imagination. Our animal mindset of being able to focus on a problem and remove it does not work so effectively within the realm of thought and emotion.

Just say “Thank you for trying to keep me safe” whenever you have a mind storm or an anxiety burst or a depression coming on - or anything else. Try it out, see how it goes, and I’d love to know the results.

Remember: have no expectations, give it space, and let the experiment be. There is no need to force anything or expect anything to happen or not happen.

Thank you for reading, I hope it helps.

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Many of the troubling thoughts and emotions that seem to disturb our inner peace are usually trying to keep us safe on some level, Once we realise this, they become easier to heal and transcend...  This article aims to show you how to heal painful emotions and a racing mind by noticing their purpose in the first place...

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