The Art Of Doing Things

Doing things is often hindered by negative anticipation of the activity, or thoughts of all the many things that need to be done before achieving a goal.  This is all the mind's nonsense, which can be ignored.

Whenever you have something to do that you don’t want to, anything that disturbs you when you approach doing it, totally let go of any thoughts you have about it.  A common one may be “I have to go to work tomorrow” or “I have to go and talk to this person now”.  What troubles you is not the task in itself, it is the thought of doing the task.  They aren’t the same.  Usually a certain image and emotion is thrown up in connection with a certain activity.  Ignore this image! 

When you are free of mental noise and concepts, you realise that whatever you do, whatever action you take, primarily occurs in total silence.  The anticipation of certain activities are just what the mind claims, keeping you stuck in time and identity.  The idea of an activity is not the activity itself, so stop believing it.

If there is a goal you are looking to achieve, often the mind can throw up ideas of how long it will take, how there is so much to do, all the work that needs to be done, and this discourages many people from carrying out activities that may be beneficial for themselves and others.  

Do not create a great picture of all that must be done, because then it seems to create an impossible task of doing many things at one single moment.  Stop thinking.  Just act.  You will notice that the action takes on a momentum of its own, and you need not be burdened by “all the things that need to be done” – this is all just in the mind.  

Keep your attention on the silence within, and you will see that even the idea of a certain activity is a kind of illusion – in reality the body is just moving, with certain prompts from the mind.  The action then becomes far more enjoyable, and is not just a means to an end.  Your present action becomes more important than reaching any imaginary goal or point in the future.  This is effective action, free from stress or worry.  

The key is to stop conceptualising and identifying with the actions of the mind and body.  You are merely the source of action and inspiration.  All you have to do is be here, present and open, not resisting anything.