The Fallacy Of Thought - How To Transcend The Mind And Have More Energy

We are hindered and kept down in so many ways by believing that our thoughts are a literal representation of our circumstances, people, ourselves and things around us. It is an illusion. I say "banana", and you know what I am talking about, but the word "banana" is not what the thing is. In the same way, your thoughts about your mother or father or brother or sister or friends or foes or work or tasks or schedule or past or future or anything at all, are not what these things really are. It is an illusion. Thought is practical for survival, it is excellent as a creative tool, but to respond to the world with thoughts, and then believe that these thoughts are the things around you, means you can be trapped in a dream that you always thinking is real...

It depends if your thoughts empower you. Do they present the world as a dark place that you feel a victim of? If they do, see and feel that they are not a literal representation. Our assumption is usually as if our thoughts about things are literally what we are seeing, that the way the world is, is what we think about it. See that there are millions of ways to think about one thing. You could hate a chair, you could love a chair, you could think it's beautiful, you could think it's ugly, you could think it's lucky, you could think it's unlucky, you could think it's brown, you could think it's black even if someone else says it's brown. There are millions, even unlimited ways of thinking about anything. What makes us think that our little version of the world is true?

If you love your life and everything within it, then this probably isn’t for you. If you feel bogged down, burdened, unhappy with life and the world, even occasionally, we have to see the fallacy of thought, the illusion of it beyond a mere means of communication so that you can pass me the salt or so we know when we will meet, and that other than that, thought is nothing. It is creative, yes, but as an interpretive tool, it can be highly misleading.

A computer can work out how to do something. So can your mind. If you ask the computer about the world, it can only tell you what it has been programmed to tell you. Our minds are often the same, robotic, reflexive, sure of themselves for no apparent reason other than being engrained with patterns of belief which have not yet broken, and have often come from other people.

Test your thoughts, see that how you think of me, is not me, that how you think of you, is not you. It is like me painting a picture of a tree. My painting is my version, it is not really at all connected to the tree. It doesn’t even call itself “a tree”.

Be free.

And surprisingly, when the mind is not selling you a story of the world that it pretends is true, your attention naturally falls back into a place that makes your thoughts and attitudes and actions far more inspired and creative.

Hope that rings true, thanks for reading,


To transcend the mind is natural when you see that its stories about life are not sent in from the world. No happening or object shoots a story into your mind and says “this is me.” It is only a story. If you believe it is true, you feel locked into it. If you see that it is only a story, look at it for a while and see that it is not connected to the world. Then it begins to thin away. And then what remains is a space that allows for creative action to flow, and space for solutions to emerge that woudl not have been possible if the story was still taking up all the space. The intelligence of life remains, but it is far more pure and potent than when the personal story is taking up most of its energy.

Then, when the story is sucking up less fuel, you will probably find you have more energy. You can go and attack tasks in a positive way, naturally, rather than thinking that there are all these things you “have” to do.