The "Get" Mentality

We often are brought up with such a “get” mentality, that life can turn in to one big chore.

“Get this, get that, get to the next point in time, get to the next achievement, get to the next acquisition, get the next result. And then get the next one.”

When there is a strong “get” mentality, we start to overlook whatever we are doing, and so the by-product of actions - getting things or getting somewhere, becomes more difficult to achieve.

Notice how much of a “get” mentality arises in you. It could be in the most simple things, like whilst brushing your teeth, trying to get to the end of the brushing, or walking down the stairs, just trying to get to the bottom, overlooking the actual movement.

Rather than having such a strong “get” mentality, to get something or somewhere, switch to enjoying. The getting can still be in the background somewhere, but shift the focus to enjoying. Enjoy the simplest things, the simplest movements. Even meditating can become consumed by the “get mentality”, trying to get somewhere, trying to get the mind to be a certain way. Instead, just enjoy it, enjoy sitting, enjoy breathing, enjoy how it feels to feel the life or the energy within the body.

This isn’t really any kind of effort. It is taking your foot off the pedal of the get mentality. So still action can flow, but it does not feel as if it is such a struggle.

Just noticing the get mentality arising is enough. When you are around people, are you trying to get something from them? When doing something at work or at home, are you consumed by trying to get something out of it?

Our conditioning would say: “Yes! Of course! Of course I am trying to get something out of all of these things. Otherwise what is the point of doing them? If I’m not getting anything out of it, I might as well not do it at all!”

But you can notice, that if this get mentality is loosened, then instantly whatever you are doing or not doing, becomes more enjoyable. Even if only slightly at first, there is a certain lightness, a certain space for more ease and energy to flow. Then the doing is more conscious, more intelligent, more intuitive, and so likely, the results will be far better.

Experiment with it. Notice the “Get Mentality”, and relax your attention from engaging, resisting and feeding it.

And then forget about it.