The Ideal Way To Feel

Often I receive questions that are based on the same theme:

“I feel like ‘THIS’, how can I stop feeling like ‘THIS’ and feel like ‘THAT’?”

If you can’t just switch to feeling like “THAT”, then question whether or not you are sure you should feel like “THAT”.

Often an experience takes place, and we say it should not be happening, we should not be feeling like this - worried, anxious, depressed, angry, fearful - and this sense of “should not be happening” creates a conflict and a sense that this uncomfortable experience is very hard and dense.

But are you sure which is the right way to feel?

How does it feel to not know how your mind should be, what emotions should be going on? How does it feel to not know how to feel?

Let me know,


Make sure you turn off the subtitles to see my words appear at the end - it was quite windy...

Transcript for the end of the video:

So if you are up at night with worry, one of the worst things is believing that you shouldn’t feel worried. What happens if you just admit you don’t know if you should or not? In that un-knowingness there is space around what was so uncomfortable before, or was condemned or was being battled against. See how it feels to not know how to feel…