The Intelligent Life

It is valuable to notice where your thoughts come from. If you notice where they come from, where they originate from, then they will become more creative. Being lost in mental noise can mean our minds become stagnant, repetitive, conditioned. Giving space to the noise and being aware of the source, aids renewed energy and creativity.

Let the noise be there. It is only noise. Where does it come from? What is around it? Who is around it? Where are you? Just one of these questions will do. Take the attention off the stream of thinking, and be aware of the space in which it moves.

Resistance and attention is what keeps the mental noise alive. The thoughts of what he said or she said or what I did wrong or what I still need to do and all the rest of it - goes round and round in a circle, doing nothing other than keeping your attention locked into an identity that is artificial and temporary.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with a personality, a character, traits that aid the life that we are all a part of, but to think that all you are is a personality, means you miss your formless depth.

We often forget the strange miracles of life that are surrounding us everyday. There is so much to read or listen to at the moment about creating your life, choosing what you want and going after it. This can be very empowering, if that kind of thing feels good for you, but remember and notice how intelligent life already is. You can go all day without noticing or even thinking about breathing, and yet it goes on all day. Even when you sleep, when you have no clue who you are or what the world is, the breath keeps on going. The same goes for all the cellular activity constantly going on, the immune system, the digestion, the nervous system - it all functions by itself, by some strange, impersonal intelligence.

I’m not saying that we can’t influence these things. I'm not saying that we can’t tap into our immune system, for example. But I am saying that there is already an intelligence there, running it.

Sometimes we can get so bogged down by the idea of trying to “create our life”, that we forget that we really have no clue about all the things going on in our body while we are worrying about the next bill or paycheck or meeting or event. Billions of processes going on, simultaneously, as one, and we can just be complaining that there aren’t enough biscuits left in the cupboard.

Get familiar again with the intelligence of life. Be in nature if possible, just notice your breath, watch animals without calling them animals, watch life and the world without calling it anything. It is a miraculous thing, even with all the pain that can come along with it. Become used to feeling again, not just thinking, feel your body from within, as Eckhart Tolle says. Feel the sense of existence, the sense “I Am“ how it is limitless, impersonal, the foundation for everything else, unaffected and yet not separate.

Notice how intelligent life already is. Then you are more open to its magic, and it can use you in staggering ways you ever even thought possible, because you are no longer transfixed by your own tiny personal story. You are life.

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