The Nature Of Individuality

What we call the personal self, or individual self, or separate self, or ego, is not the fault of anyone. Some might say "the ego has formed in my mind and I must get rid of it". Someone else may say "I have been conditioned to think certain ways by my society", perhaps leading to elements of blame or condemnation. 

What we call the ego is no-one's fault and is no-one's creation, and this is the point - when we believe that it is a real thing, the product of ourselves or someone else - then it seems to be real. If we do not assume what we call the ego to be true, and we neither assume anything we have been told about ourselves or who we are to be true - then it is clear that the feeling of a separate self is a myth.

Remove all assumptions. We can feel so drained by the "spiritual search" due to the search itself, from the initial assumption that we are an individual searching for something, or searching to be free from something.

Really have no assumption about yourself. This goes to the most seemingly sane and obvious assumptions such as "I am my name" or "I am me" or "I am a body". These beliefs of self can be operating automatically without any awareness of them. Be aware of all assumptions about who or what you are, even spiritual assumptions or conceptual knowledge such as "I am consciousness" or "I am awareness". Take away even the assumption that you need to realise or discover yourself. This is not actually difficult, it is like putting down bags that are uselessly weighing you down. You just have to notice the bags.

Once the idea "I am this" or "I am that" emerges and is believed in, then a perceived need for spiritual practice comes with it. If there is no assumption about the self, then what needs to be done in terms of peace of mind?

"People do so many things to attain Truth because they feel they must act. People tell them, "You have become an individual being [jiva]." Just brush it all aside, saying "Nothing has happened. Surely, nothing has happened." Let your understanding be this, and thus become absolutely free.

Can there be any talk about that which never existed?"

 - Siddharameshwar Maharaj