The Open Acceptance

The Universe is not in conflict with anything. If you feel you have made a mistake, didn’t act on your intuition, or think you are having limited beliefs about life that are holding you back, then notice that it is all still equal in the eyes of the universe, the broader space that it all takes place in.

We tend to be hard on ourselves, If we think we are doing something wrong or incorrectly, a tightening up and a self-criticism can ensue, as if that will fix it. But it never does. And yet, even the self-criticism is being allowed by the universe. Everything is being allowed, from your most joyful experience to your most limiting one, from your most abundant reality to the most unabundant one. And yet, when you see that they and all other thoughts and beliefs and attitudes are already being allowed, permitted to rise and fall, then a greater space opens up, and everything feels lighter, less personal, and more joyful.