The Power Of Belief

Belief Makes Everything Seem Real

Belief in a thought can promote inner peace, or it can ruin it. Notice what you are believing in your own mind...

Looking for a suitable quote for this week, I landed on the above quote from my book "Get Out Of The Cage: A Guide To Inner Freedom"...

It is useful to look at what you are believing in your head.

Thoughts are one thing. The belief in them is another.

Our training is to always believe in every thought that arises. For many people, this becomes limiting, since their thoughts are not always constructive to the rest of life.

Let any thoughts come, but notice the tension that comes with automatic belief. If automatic belief is there, tension is inevitable when any negative thought arises.

Thoughts are just thoughts, while belief is one of the greatest forces in the world. 

Belief can be beneficial, but it can also lead to downward spirals if it goes on unchecked.

Notice that believing in your thoughts is optional. Feel the freedom that comes from this experiment: no longer instantly believing whatever arises in your mind.

Hope that's useful,


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