The Separation Between Me And My Life

Whenever you are doing something, you may notice that you seem to be thinking about doing something else, or something that has already been done or said.

There is a split in the mind between what is happening, and who we think our selves to be, a separate thinker who needs to strategise and figure out and plan everything before it unfolds.

Things like conscious breathing, or yoga, bring a union back between our separate sense of self, and what is actually happening, so we feel joined with life again, not split apart, struggling away from the moment.

We are conditioned to always be thinking about the next thing, trained to act like separate entities who have personal control over everything. Let there be a reduction in the split between “you” and everything else. See life unfolding, that no separation is needed. Of course ideas, inspiration, urges to move may come, but they are not coming from a separate, unsure, deliberating mind that goes over the same thing again and again. It is just life, moving.