The Universe's Experience

Everything in experience has already appeared. It is the universe’s responsibility. If you act as if you are an object that must control and is victim to other objects, such as thoughts and sensations, then a feeling of being trapped in experience arises.

Notice that whatever is appearing, is already being allowed by the universe itself. Whether “you” accept it or not doesn’t make a difference, since the universe has already allowed it to appear. So give the responsibility back to the universe, and be free from the burden of trying to manage or manipulate your experience.


The Universe's Experience

Everything in experience has already appeared,
The universe is dancing.
If you try to manipulate the dance of experience,
You will feel trapped in a movement of suffering.

If you see that your experience is already allowed,
That the universe is letting it happen.
Then the person that tries to manipulate experience,
Dissolves back into the background.

It is the universe’s burden, not yours or mine,
When thoughts and sensations arise.
So let the universe carry on as it wishes,
And dissolve the suffering mind.

- Adam Oakley